To Protect  And Serve...In The Public Space

Question. . .


       What protection do you have if you are suddenly confronted by an active shooter?


Answer. . .


                                               Ballistic Furniture Systems



You may be familiar with the application of armor to military vehicles.  Or, the use of "bullet proof" vests by police and other uniformed service personnel.  Even your local bank utilizes protective glass and special structures to help shield their employees from harm in the event of an armed intrusion. 


As the premier armor up-fitters of contract furniture for the public space, we utilize the latest barrier technologies to shield against a ballistic impact, as well as direct knife strike. 


While our products are designed to aid survival during violent situations, we also make an impression with our ability to maintain the function, comfort and beauty of contract furniture while employing the use of ballistic protective barriers.  

After all, at BFS, we are all about contract furniture...and the people who use it.

What We Are Capable Of...


AMULETTM  - our proprietary ballistic barrier architecture is National Institute of Justice - Threat Level compliant and perfectly suited to contract furniture applications.  It's unique construction provides superior protection, regardless of firing front of, or from behind, furniture product.


Tested...To Perform When You Need Us Most

BALLISTIC RESISTANCE - National Institute of Justice Compliance Testing and Certification

Cal117 and Cal133 compatible

Our Mission...

Protect the public from the reality of unexpected gun violence

where they live, work and play